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Hi Everyone,

I have been debugging a website of mine, but I’m facing some design issues with it.

The page is a fairly basic HTML based page with flash objects embedded in it, (using the latest swfobject.js), and one part of the page uses a JavaScript function to open new windows (popups) showcasing products.

Each new window loads an index.php file that contains only a counter script and a flash object.

The problem I face only happens with IE (not just on my computer, and not just with IE8 ). What often happens is the first popup opens fine (loading the index.php file and flash object), but quite often any consecutive attempts to open other popups fail – the page will just time out, showing “cannot display page.”

I have met all the W3C standards, and there are no security issues (it is a secure SSL site and has been checked thoroughly).

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do? I have been googling this for a week and haven’t found anything helpful.

I have tried: - changing all instances of AC_Run to swfobject.js - double-checked all SSL security issues - double-checked all W3C compliances (for my CSS sheets too) - have checked with my hosting provider to see if they can see any issues - running cache-prevent codes and time-outs in the header - clearing my browser cache and re-starting IE (always works…which is why I think it MAY be a caching issue)

The site runs fine on every other browser BUT IE .

Thanks everyone in advance!

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I have met all the W3C standards

The problem is Microsoft has been lazy about complying with these standards. You may need to write a CSS hack for IE (or two, or three).

Here’s how to apply a conditional statement for IE