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Hey guys, in case you haven’t heard on Nettuts or elsewhere on the web, Myows is holding an API challenge to get some cool apps built on their API . First and second place winners will get an iPad and the developer of the app best meeting their listed requirements will win $1000.

You guys are talented developers and there isn’t much competition right now so this could be your chance to win something awesome and create something cool at the same time.

See the 4 Steps API Challenge at Myows for more info.

With that being said, do you guys have any neat ideas for apps, plugins, etc. to make good use of the Myows API ? Even if you don’t plan on making anything, if you share a great idea then maybe someone else who doesn’t have any ideas but wants to make something cool will be able to do so.

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I love Myows… and hadn’t heard about this… so I’m definitely interested and will look into it…