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Do you have a flash 8 file? Just curious?


No sorry, Starting with CS3 version. Have a nice day,

Hi humbucke !

Very nice work.

Before purchase this templates i wanted to know if is it possible to add a video?


Ryan, Video> You can add a player or simply import a video with the Flash capabilities (I can also help you design a video player for this template)

Player> I’ve also done that before for this player, just give me more information about what you want

Colors> Open your fla preview and also adjust thze color properties in your core.as file

Ryan75 Purchased

Ok thank you, i think i have found how to load a video player, it’s easy.

One more question:

Wich part of the code i have to modify to load an external swf file?

Beacause i have an animated logo.swf and i wanted to load it instead of “_surname”



About the swf loading, you got several possibilities :

1) import it in your preview.fla file in the left square MC 2) import it via Actionscript in the core.as file, load it on top of the left MC and adjust the x/y positions.

If you’re stuck or need other info, I’m available for freelance. Cheers

Ryan75 Purchased

It doeasn’t work by simply copy past in the preview.fla. Can you please modify the core.as for me and send it to me? The swf’s name is “logo.swf” and i wanted to place it on the top /middle of the screen.

Thank you very much for your help.



Feel free to contact me by email with your files attached, I’ll check what’s to be done and quote you asap.


Inside the container may have transparency so you can see the bottom, or must be provided within the square, I feared my content on the background transparent, it can be without the black box in the background?

I’m keep getting “security error, please try later”.

Here’s the page:


Is there an easy fix that I’m missing? I added my email to “ContactFormSender.php” and also the correct path in “Contact.as”.

Any help would be awesome. My email is “matt@kawicycle.com”


Please mail me your contact and php files. Also, be sure to recompile your contact(.fla) file AFTER you made the changes to your .as and .php files. Last, check the ‘mail’ function is not renamed by your webhost.


Quick question before I buy this…

I’m going to use it for a dual artist exhibit, and would like it to start off with both sides looking like the left panel (image and links). Then when you click on either side the files/info appear just as the right panel does now.

Can this work? Let me know. THANKS !


Hi! Yep it can work with a little rework on the code. You can have a look of a similar customization : www.corsair-co.com If you need support with your project, I’m available. Cheers

desidesi Purchased

hi, can i remove the pattern background and add one whole image as background?


Sure you can. Everything can be customzied throught AS3 /

cagdas Purchased

i bought that template and i need help. i want to use another swf gallery in your template when clicked PORTFOLIO . how can i link another swf file to PORTFOLIO button? but i don’t want to be closed current page and open another swf like lightbox. thanks


I was far away from here, can you please write me your questions by email and we’ell sort this out!