Donation PayPal Button(Right click) v2.0

This is continues for my previously Paypal button version v1.

This version is much more powerful i include lots of new feature through Action script .

Right click menu, switch currency, reverse animation, customer submits his own amount and more .

This is a very small button that can support all Paypal currency (23 countries-will update more flags soon) the right click menu can hold up to 15 currencies .

  • Support all international paypal countries + 15 flags .
  • Submit your currency through right click.
  • The amount is set up by the client.
  • Using reverse animation through Action script.
  • Drag and drop the button to your work space and you are done .
  • 6 PayPal button`s, you can edit colors .
  • Size 10kb,12kb,25kb(flags are vector).
  • HTML help file.
  • Enjoy .
  • Update 03/15/2010-Update PayPal issue, please downloads again

  • For AS2 version click the link below, note that the AS3 version is more advances then the AS2 version
  • AS2 version