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0h - XML Driven Portfolio

0h - XML Driven Portfolio

Can be open and modified with Flash8+

The content of this portfolio is completely and easily customizable and editable via XML files.
Any text or image can be dynamically changed.
Cleanly designed and coded.

This website is composed of a list of projects with 3 parts in each :
- clients
- images
- descriptions
You can add as many projects as you want.
In each projects, you can add as many images as you want.
Every image which is dynamically loaded can be replaced by a SWF file (yes, it can handle video).

Each of the 3 bands scrolls its own speed in order to make client/images/descriptions from the selected project always vertically aligned, and centered on the screen.

You can change zoom on images by clicking on them, and go back the same way.

This website is bilingual, you can use the languages you like as their name can also be changed in a XML file.

Fonts are free to download on Dafont.com

Dynamic configuration

By editing the XML files, you can :
- change the logo used in intro animation and in the left hand corner of the header
- change the 2 languages of the website
- change the contact address on the right of the header
- change texts used in contact form or in descriptions
- add as many projects as you want
- add as many images as you want in each project
- change the client of a project
- change the description of a project
- change the borders color of a project


Fonts used in this website are free and can be downloaded on www.dafont.com. They are called “XG Pixo” and “PF Tempesta Seven”.


- Thanks for buying my file(s).
- I am available for support when a bug is reported. When this happens, I usually send a fixed version to my buyers and the online file is updated.
If you need to adapt any application to your needs, you need to have knowledge in Flash and ActionScript coding.
I am only available to adapt an application to your needs, based on its hourly rates.
As described in my profile I am available for freelance work.

Mathieu, 0h