The 2.5d Platformer Kit is a toolkit available for developers to start their own 2.5d side scrolling platform games within Unity3d.

It features the main character in a 3d world with a 2d side scrolling camera, which can be easily modified to your liking. Don’t think that the demo is the only angle the camera can do. Editing the camera is as simple as changing values in the Inspector Tab.

The aim of the game is to avoid the red capsule enemy and collect pickups. Once the player has 1000 points, it will load up the next level. With every line of code commented for ease of use, it makes changing the core game much simpler.

If the player falls, there is a falling system where the player will be teleported back to the spawn area, so the player can try again. This is all included with the kit and again, can be easily modified.

Don’t think that the basic graphics and art of this kit is not for you, the 2.5d Platformer Kit is a powerful kit. Developers can easily change the art style, add in their own music and soundeffects, add in their own playable characters and monsters and change the pick ups! Developers can also add in 2d playable characters with a little script changes to truly make this 2.5 Please remember that I’m no artist so the graphics are a little basic!

The 2.5d Platformer Kit will be updated and not left to settle dust here on ActiveDen. Got a suggestion for the kit? Let us know and we might consider putting it on the next update!

If you are stuck with anything with the Kit, please contact me and I will do my best to help!

You can play the demo here

    VERSION 1 .1
  • added predefined prefabs to make development easier
  • re-amped demo scenes (whole new look!)/li>
  • new materals added
  • fixed collection deletion
  • new collection sound
  • fixed bug where it loaded level1 twice when you played again via the gameover screen

  • Release