Selected as Activeden Files of the Week for May 22, 2009


A 2-level horizontal tab menu with subtle fade-in and text color change effects. Highly customizable through an easy to edit external XML file, allowing you to adjust the appearance and behavior to work with your site. You can use this menu in your html page or embed it within your existing flash file.


  • Customizable menu link to load either web page or external swf file.
  • Display round or square tabs.
  • Support for different solid or gradient background color for each tab.
  • Changeable text size & color for each menu item.
  • Adjustable tab size and tab position.
  • Flexibility in aligning 2nd level sub-menu either through auto align or manual align.
  • Re-sizable to allow unlimited tabs and menu items.
  • Enable/disable auto highlight of menu item to reflect current page location.
  • Easily change to your favorite font through .fla file.
  • Use of advanced anti-aliasing to make text links more legible.