3D Carousel Image gallery displays images on a carousel with the power of papervision3D.

Loads images through an external XML file, you don’t need to publish the SWF file to change the images.

Some Features:

External XML file:

Edit the XML file with any text editor and its very easy to understand. Here is an example:

< image file=”images/505101.jpg” original=”images/505101_big.jpg”>< /image>

Add unlimited number of images to the carousel with XML.

Keyboard interactivity:

Use your keyboard arrow keys to flip through large images and Esc key to unzoom the camera.

Adjustable number of rows:

Change the number of images in a row, with the same XML file, and the number of rows are calculated automatically.

Built-in skinnable scrollbar and preloader:

The scrollbar skin is easy to change. The preloader, font and text are fully customizable.

Well Commented and easy to understand Actionscript

Help File with How to use instructions

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