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3D Countdown Timer

3D Countdown Timer

The originally programmed event date has passed, so in order to see this timer work, please set a date in the future by increasing the “Event Year” and clicking on the “RESET” button.

A 3D countdown timer for your upcoming event! This countdown automatically adjusts its time remaining based on the viewer’s time zone (obtained from the viewer’s computer internal clock). As a result, the countdown will be accurate no matter where you are (provided the viewing computer’s clock is set correctly and working properly).

NOTE! – In order for the time zone adjustment to work properly, your event date must be entered in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Essentially this means adding or subtracting a set number of hours to the event time, depending on the time zone offset where the event will occur. There is a utility included in the downloadable files which will help you determine the appropriate UTC time adjustment. (For the preview above, this time zone adjustment has been disabled so that you can just enter an event time in local hours, 0 to 23.)

Countdown can be set for an event date up to 999 days in the future. When the countdown is complete, the visual elements transition out of the viewing area and the viewer is automatically re-directed to the URL link of your choice.

The countdown is driven by an easy-to-modify XML file. The XML file includes your target event information and custom colors. Just open and revise the XML in your preferred text editor. XML inputs include the following:
  • Event name/info (supports multiple lines of text)
  • Event year, month, date, hour (UTC), minute, second
  • URL link (for re-direction of user when countdown is complete)
  • Color multiplier settings (red, green & blue)for the 3D numbers
  • Color for time units
  • Color for “COUNTDOWN TO” text
  • Color for Event Name/Information

All colors are customizable! (Note: Background color, although not changeable in the preview, can also be set to your choice of color according to your master Flash project or controlled with HTML code parameters “bgcolor” or “wmode”.)

Full instructions are included!

Countdown is completely contained in its own movieclip – just drag-and-drop into your project. (Countdown in preview is shown at 75% scale.)

FLA file in CS3 format – Coded in ActionScript 2.0 – OK to publish for Flash Player 8 or higher.

08/24/09 UPDATE!
The XML file was re-structured to avoid a read error generated by some XML parsers.