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3D Environment

3D Environment

Just imagine how many things you can do with such a file! You can advertise for anything, make landing pages or coming soon pages, cut a friend’s silhouette and make fun of him, make a presentation maybe, etc. Buy and rate! Thank you!

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  • XML Driven
  • Can display pictures, animated swfs and even videos
  • Items can have Flash blendmodes
  • Items can have BlurFilters
  • Items can have External links
  • Color tags
  • Fully customizable through XML
  • optional background (simple color or an image)
  • optional mp3player (pause/play)



    1. Be careful what swfs u use as a content item. some may not work, or cause errors. the ones that will work for sure are animations :)
    2. This item is built for the Flash Player 10 !!. It can’t be integrated into our templates out of the box!

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