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3d equalizer

3d equalizer

Introduction This is a very easy to use, 3d equalizer run in AS3 with the help of Tweener. Click to stop the music and click to start again Included in this file is everything you need:
  • Flash File
  • Shockwave File
  • Help file
  • A single music file (mp3)
  • Tweener support files

What you will need

Although I try to make it easy there are a few things you will need:
  • Flash CS4+
  • Some free time [This will take about 20 mins to thumb through]

Customer Support

I will happily [!] go through all questions people have about this item either through comments or through email [Email at bottom of page].

To get full file support you must send me a message through my profile so i can see what files you have purchased

If you want something special [Like need help using it for something else or any other flash help you may require] I do freelance work, please contact me through my profile page.

You know what would go great with this…

Using a Splat at the corner of the flash would draw the readers attention to the sounds, and I have just the thing: