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Yes but i don’t know were it is, i supposed it was in media.xml, and that i have to put the url of the page to open in url” “

<asset> <media

tooltip="Mosaic Eyes" 
<title><![CDATA[Mosaic Eyes]]></title> 
<description><![CDATA[ Sexy woman looking at you! ]]></description>

But it don’t work, so i suppose that a wrong place…help me please


Remember to set type as “link” and that deeplinks work only on a webserver. So either test it online or on a local server like mamp. Deeplinks have a ”#/” prefix and use the tag you set in the menu as reference.

flevy Purchased

Thanks it works!!! But i understand that is path=”” that i have to feed, so what is the use of url=”” ? I would like to know even if i don’t use it

Have a nice we!


It’s just a backup option. You can ignore it as it was used on some early version.

Hi. thank you for great template. Now how can i set link for the logo. I like open another link when i click on logo. i have try logoURL=””, logoLink,... but it not work. Well which tag i can use to do it? thanks alot


It’s not a supported feature, sorry. You might code it on your own following this tutorial: http://www.republicofcode.com/tutorials/flash/as3link/

If you have further questions, contact me privately.

I bought this file, but can you send me the swf file without the

full size button part,

because it has a black background and that is a problem with

using F11 Button !

You can customize it with the provided source files as you wish. I’m not sure what’s your issue, but it’s working fine on my side.

I only want to delete the full size butten on the left side,


I don’t see any button on the left and the site seems working flawlessly. I just tested it on Chrome and Firefox. Are you sure?

The button is a second. It is the button whre I can make full size full screen.

(White Button only one second) The part, where the social buttons are deleted, but the button I can not delete ! tested with chrome only.

You could have used the embed example which does not come with any footer at all. Anyway you can easily hide it by editing the Template class inside the net folder. In the resizeStage function around line 325 add inside of it the following line:
footer.visible = false; 

Save and recompile the Template flash file keeping sure the generated swf is copied inside the right location. It should hide the footer this way with all it’s childs.

flevy Purchased

How can i make a link to a gallery that is not in the menu ? for exemple: xml/gallery/fotos.xml ? and a link to a submenu ?


You can hide the menu elements by setting their enabled attribute to false, like the last menu item in the template xml file.
<item enabled="false">

You can also just feed deeplinks or normal links if you want.

Hi, I purchased your template this weekend (jcmolina) and have one question.

I am using youtube videos. Before any video loads, there is a thumbnail loaded. After the youtube video finishes it loads the thumbnail again and a play button overlays so I can play the video again.

I am trying to get to the event where you identify the video ended so that I can load a movieclip or button when that happens. Where in the code can I find that event? can the initial thumbnail be different to the one loaded when video finishes? Thanks a lot. Awesome template. Best, Juan


You should look inside the Media class under net.flashedge.display which has a function called onPlayerStateChange and other functions to handle videos.

In your case the function you’re looking for is probably “closeYoutube” which is on line 484.

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Hi!, how it could be that loading bar and percents when loading a pic is not visible on Chrome , pic is howing ok, it is if to watch a website online on Firefox and IE it is all right though (loading bar visible ) if local it is all right on Crome also , is there any solution? thank you.


Sounds like a file header issue. If you cannot see the loading progress then flash won’t likely find the size of the file even though it loads fine. You might try to use absolute paths and see if that fixes the problem. Some servers have such issues, especially for assets loaded on demand.


Is it possible to add an icon next to a menu item? And do you have any plans for an HTML version?

Thanks, Tony


No, I’m sorry. Though you can build your own template and call the 3D Grid as external component.

Hello again, just 1 more question. Is it possible to have different music play for each page? Thanks, Tony


Not out of the box. This requires a listener to your sections that triggers the event for switching the played audio file.


The menu on the top is not working, what is it ?


I see you’re using high values for the footer here: http://sonnenblumenlicht.de/DATEN2/xml/template.xml. Might that be the cause? Also the console traces missing mp3 files. Maybe a bigger size should trigger the hitarea.

If you’d like to to use a custom layout you can bypass the template and design your own in the Flash IDE starting from the embed example.

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Hello, flashedge! Big thanks for your great site! Plz, tell me: how to make the home page with menu & BG pic only?


While it’s not a supported function, I believe your best chance to achieve it is by loading an empty swf in the homepage.

zedd3r Purchased
Okay. Unfortunately, some images (especially vertical) do not open fully. Only the second clique. What could it be? http://www.imagebam.com/image/0fb929275034459 Checked in multiple browsers. :(

Try using a bigger size for those images. The template will scroll them vertically if needed.

Any updates or new features planned in the near future?

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I’m trying to get a .swf to auto center and am needing the objects name that I’m loading the .swf file into.

The slideshowpro components name is “my_ssp”. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tweener.addTween(my_ssp, {x:stage.stageWidth/2-500, y:150, time:1, transition:”linear”});


Page 4 of the userguide: swfAlign The SWF module will load and place your flash content on the stage. This setting will align the container depending on your input. It can be set to left, right and center. This affects only the horizontal alignment, the vertical will be kept on the center to prevent overlapping of items on the layout.

Just use the built in alignment method and keep sure the swf has actually something on the stage in the first frame. Even a transparent shape dropped there with a proper size should be enough, it will be used as reference when loaded inside the template.

Unfortunaltely I can not delete this bad white full size button !

Can you to it in the swf Quboid file ?

http://www.multimediagigant.de/Animator%20(10)/index2.html (Appearing for 1 second) (Bottom left side)

If I change a file in the source-folder, I can not change the website inside the deploy-folder. Different folders !


You must compile it through Flash in order to apply the changes. Just open Template.fla and press CTRL+ENTER. It will create a new swf file in the deploy folder. Drag it inside the swf folder and you’re set.


standalone.html has no BG picture. I need a BG picture !

I have no adobe flash, can you do this simple work and send me the file to mekular@t-online.de ?


standalone.html has no BG picture. I need a BG picture !


Sure, I can do it for you. But that’s customization work. Drop me your requests privately and I’ll send you a quote.

The standalone version is just the quboid component without the template. It allows you to load it anywhere, even in custom projects.

It is an excellent template for presentations. The template has completely replaced Powerpoint. The clients are really blown away! Thank you :)


I really appreciate reading successful users with a positive feedback. Thank you for coming back! ;)