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I was attempting to check out your preview but everytime i do, i get the following error. Any ideas why?

VerifyError: Error #1068: net.flashedge::Quboid/cubeMove and * cannot be reconciled.

at net.flashedge::Quboid/cubeMove()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
at org.papervision3d.core.utils::InteractiveSceneManager/dispatchObjectEvent()
at org.papervision3d.core.utils::InteractiveSceneManager/handleEnterFrame()

How so? Could you please tell me your setup? It has been tested and approved by the envato team and there were no such errors.

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I purchased the file and what can I say. It is flawless. On top I received the best imaginable support I have ever experienced. Highly recommended.


Another happy customer! ;)

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Hello !

Just bought your excellent template.

I would like to add a video in one page (The one call “Crew” in your demo content.)

Any chance to do that ?

My other question is for the FlickR gallery, any way to cache the images on the server to speed up the next loading ?

Thanks you very much for your replies.


Sure, just add a new asset item as shown in the guide or simply copy the setup node from crew.xml into your custom one.

The flickr module loads the images only once and stores them inside the browsers cache. I’m afraid I cannot do anything to speed the loading process. You might consider to use directly local stored image files.

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Ok, sorry, but I can’t get it to work for the video…

This is the link: http://lespotesag.com/new/#/Ils_nous_ont_fait_confiance

The video is the first one

This is my XML file


Any idea , I can’t get to let the video play?

Thanks again


You probably just need to set showButton to true. I noticed that your xml file is malformed, though. You might check it.

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Working great !

Thanks for your lightfast help !

Hello, guys. I’m brand new in the web design and development field. I’ve just finished my first major site and I am running into a bit of a problem.

I am trying to upload my files, but I only get a blank screen with the default message that says to update my browser and get the latest Flash. I’ve uploaded the index HTML and the swf file as well, but nothing is working.

What am I doing wrong? I am VERY new at this and I need your assistance. Can anyone please help me with the process of uploading my project correctly?

Thank You in advance,



Hi buddy, I answered your emails. Don’t panic you just didn’t upload the whole folder. Take some time to upload all missing files and you’ll see the site correctly.

Good luck. :)

WOW , thanks about what size to get?


It’s up to you. I’d stick with the medium one.


Great template but i get problems when im trying to embed fonts. have read the manual but nothing. Trying to add greek fonts but nothing.

Any suggestions?


Hi julian, I replied your email with a brief guide. If you still have issues drop me a line and I’ll assist you.

Incredible Support. Thanks so much

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I would like to add a title to a gallery for example if I have a collection of abstract art images I wanna put a title on top sayin “Abstract”. How do it do that?


You can use the double caption field and position it on top.

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Hello!!! 1. How to translate on Russian this pattern? ????????????! ??? ????????? ?? ??????? ???? ??????? 2. Where to introduce cyrillics? ??? ???????? ??????????

p.s. Forgive for my English language.


As shown in the userguide, you must change the font in the library of Quboid application and update the font namel in both xml and css files to see it properly in the template. If you don’t know the font name pick it up from the trace in the template source by simply compiling it and pressing F9.

If you still have issues contact me privately by compiling the form on my profile page.

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Thanks, for a prompt reply and support, has understood, hi from Russia

hi, great template….

but… I have problems with video,

my web site is: http://www.beyondproduction.com.mx

i load the template incomplete, for my problems with video

this is the info on showreel.xml

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?> <![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[]]>

any idea….

please help me, I make videos, for that thing…. I need show many of them

good day


Try using absolute paths for videos, some servers do not recognize relative paths. In your case you should modify the path parameter in http://www.beyondproduction.com.mx/xml/portfolio/showreel.xml

what scaling options do I have with the video? can I have different widths and heights for individual videos?


The provided scale modes are custom, original and fullscreen. The size can be set from the xml setup, though it’s global for the whole grid – if you need a new size you must load a new grid to refresh that setting.


Thank you very much.

Is there any other way besides php to use the contact form? Asp maybe? any suggestions or code?


You should be able to replace the php form with one in asp. Flash will use that one and send the parameters there. Unfortunately I have no clue about to set up an asp script, so it’s up to you. Update the contactFormPath to the new one written in asp once you’ve done.


I can not find the “cubeDoubleSided” in PDF file! could you please explain it for me?

Thank you


The name says it all. If it set to true the cube will apply the image texture on the front and on the back, if not the only side with the picture will be the front one. It’s only for performance reasons.

Some layouts, like the shelf example, allow you to see on both sides of the cube while tilting with the mouse. Other layouts do not need this setting, it’s up to you. :)

Hi, does the template allows me to change the menu font, and could I put a drop shadow to the text in the menu. (I would like to use the text with a clean appearence, without the black frame).

Wanna know befor I buy…



Sure you can, there is an alpha property for the menu frame. Just set it to zero and you’ll get the menu without any background, just with the clean text.

Keep sure you set both menuAlpha and submenuAlpha to zero, that’s all. The font can be changed easily, just follow the instructions in the userguide. :)

nice work! but i have some questions :( how can i change the font on contact page? should i embed my font to the fla file and replace it? i read a little bit of the userguiad.i try to tranlate to chinese but still can’t completely understand.

The steps to change your fonts are easy.
  • Open Quboid.fla, press F11 to focus the library and double click the fonts you’d like to change. Choose a font which supports cinese. Select the font with a star (*) next to it and in the properties click on the embed characters button and keep sure you checked “cinese”. Save and recompile.
  • Now open Template.fla and compile it to see in the trace the exact font name. Press F9 to see it. Select and copy the font names into your clipboard.
  • Paste the font names inside your css stylesheets and in the setup of your xml files.

If you still have issues contact me privately.

thanks for your help….:)

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Congratulations, it is a wonderfull template. I would like ask you, how can I change the font type? (for example: Arial) I tried change the content into css but it doesn’t work. Kisses Margaret from Spain.