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What is the file name of the background of the preview site here and if not included where can i get. I assumed this background was included in the template purchase. How do you set it up so this remains as the consistent background on all pages. Thanks.

Thanks alot!

Question…im adding subfolders to the portfolio sections and subfolders in the images/full category. The photos are not pulling up. here is an example of what i have.

thanks in advance!


I don’t understand what you’re meaning. You can have as many subfolder you want, just declare the paths properly in the xml nodes.

For example.. I’ve used the data xml file and just replaced the paths..i.e.


not sure if i need to change the paths elsewhere. does the jpg or thumbnail stop it from loading properly. the xml file is exactly the same as the data xml file but the path and filename has changed. im sure its probably something very simple but not sure what the problem is. thanks again.


There might be some problem in the loading process, probably some missing asset. Try to enable the debug mode from the html flashvars and see what’s happening. If you still have no clue drop me a private message.

Would the photo or thumnail size stop it from loading. any restrictions on the size?


Thumbnail is reccomended to be around an area of 600×600 pixels for good performance. The full size can be up to 2000×2000 pixels without problems.

Only one or two photos are seen on the bottom of the page and the loader is only at about 20 percent and then it stalls out. When i reload the flash again…a few more pics try to load on the bottom yet still doesnt work. Is there a certain number of pics in each gallery to load that I should adhere to? Would 15-20 be too many? I’ve checked the code and everything looks good. Please help…thanks!


No there is absolutely no limit. Though you might adjust the layout size to fit all your slides, play around with the parameters like layoutDepth, add also layers if needed.

Hello Flashedge

I’m having some questions for you please.

Does my background can be used for video? Does my music can be random? And I have a big isue with a Hebrew chart, can you halp me with it?

Thank u very mach


There is no support for video background due the three-dimensional environment which is already demanding. Putting a video in the background running all the time would certainly freeze the flash player. The music player loops just through the playlist, there is no additional function by now.

About your font issue, you probably need to setup a proper charset and configure your stylesheet as also your setup node.

Ok, and flash (swf) formats not supported too to be on background?

About hebrew chart, I wasn’t changed your IFlash font 706, and I can’t to add Hebrew to it.. Maybe I can send you my Quboid.fla that you add to him a hebrew?

Thank you


Nope, no swfs in the background for the same reason I wrote before.

If you need modifications, drop me a private message through my profile page for a quote.

Hello, I just have one question (Beautiful site by the way-Really fantastic work) I cannot find the area where I need to input the e-mail address for receiving messages on the contact page. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tony


Thanks for the kind words. You have to edit the file located inside the php folder and replace the email address in there. Once you edited that file, save it and upload. Keep sure your server supports php.

Hi again, Sorry, I do have 1 more. Is there anyway that I can have my videos open on the actual page as opposed to them currently opening in a new window? Thanks gain, Tony


If you follow the userguide you should be able to create video galleries in the same window and even create autoplaying ones. There are plenty of examples in the xml folders, pick one of them.

Hello again, I was hoping to get a little clarification on the video’s again. I reviewed the user guide and it was quite helpful with the youtube portion (Although a playbar pops up at the base of the window), but when it comes to the flv. portion, I am still having difficulties. My goal is to have an opening page that features 1 video that autoplays and a second page that contains 3 videos that you need to click on individually. The user guide does not mention autoplay (As far as I can see) I would like them all to be flv. just to make it consistent. My flv videos are apprx. 16mb. Is this too large for what I am attempting?

Sorry for all these questions, but I really do appreciate your help. Thanks, Tony


Set playOnStart=”true” in your xml setup node.

Hi there… i’m trying to place an external swf but i’m not able. Is there some resctriction? When i put the example.swf it works, but when i put the mine (that is 700×400 px) it doesn’t appear… Please help me, thanks in advance ;-)


Draw a transparent sprite in the first frame which fits the area you’d like to use for your swf. This way the template recognizes the size and aligns the movie on the stage. Keep sure your external swf is enabled to run on its own.


...nothing to do :-( i did everything you told me, but it doesn’t works. I’ve create a new transparent instance of 700×400px on the first frame, and i can see in the player, but when i load it doesn’t appear included in the page in which it’s called by the template.xml file. Is there something else, or something wrong? Thanks a lot


Drop me a private message to investigate your issue.

AttaCK Purchased

shuffleEnabled=”true” not working.. (its very important for me)

and i cannot remove social icons, when i try footer bar going to middle of screen..

and can i remove sound button? is there any option for it?


The shuffle function mixes the whole array at the beginning, this way you’ll have everytime a different order. It might look like it does not anything, but try to refresh the page and see which one pops out first you’ll notice the order is different.

Social icons can be disabled from XML at your discretion. And the sound button can be only muted, if you want to remove it you’ll have to hide it from the main class.

I also answered your email. If you have further questions contact me privately.

Daleon Purchased

Can I have a more in depth step by step tutorial about setting up the Flickr APi and getting the photos to load on there. I have read the instructions in the user Guide but I didn’t quite grasp it. Maybe you can help.


There isn’t really anything to explain. Just follow the instructions on the flickr site, get the key and copy it inside your xml file, same thing for your album photosets.

If you still cannot manage it feel free to drop me a mail, I’ll help you out.

3D Grid Creates a FRENZY ! I strongly recommend this author and his work. My site still isn’t finished but has already brought me a lot of attention and my career is really taking off because of the 3D Grid. The author, Mr. Manco, has been most helpful giving me tips on how to make changes to the XML ; its a fantastic bit of software, so flexible, so easy to work with. Try it!

HI,really cool template! I have some questions before buying: are backgrounds image included?

Is included a cms admin panel? Or should I need to be an expert programmer to customize the template?



As stated in the description images are not included in the package due copyright reasons, though you can get them on fotolia for a few dollars. Drop me a private message if you need the direct links to the images I’ve used.

Hi, quoting from the web site and web site files to the server when I see only the background. Theme can not get the contents of the xml file. Do you wonder what’s the solution will help? www.yasinkoc.com


I see an error popping out in the home and checked your xml setup. It seems like you’re pointing to a slide which is out of range. Infact you have 15 images and playFirst is set to 17. The other pages have probably some missing asset, you need to check carefully that everything is on place. Drop me a private message if you still have issues.

Nice site by the way, it’s looking good! ;)

Hello how are u? )

I have a question about a self internal links in my sait, Can I do it in this template?

And how can I change/or add some buttons with my design into the template?

And Can my logo be the internal link to “home” of template?

And about a social plugins, it can be supported?

Thank u very much


Hi, I’m fine thanks! Always busy, though. :)

You can set the target of your links just as you would with any other. You can change the design of the whole template with the provided source files. The logo doesn’t have any click function, though you might easily add one yourself. There aren’t social plugins for now, just a set of icons you can put in the footer and link your social profiles there.


Everything looks very nice. But the Web site does not open the internet explorer browser. I get the warning you have to install Flash Player?




It runs just fine in my computer, I’m running IE9 . You probably have an outdated version of the player, keep sure it’s at least version 9.

love this! honestly i wish there was a simplier version though, just with the gallery part and only showing one image at a time making it look like its on the wall. lemme know if your willing to mke one and put it up here for sale. :)


There is already a standalone version included into this template. Not sure what you mean with showing one picture at a time, you can easily resize the viewer and cut out the unfocused slides, there is also a parameter for the spacing between the cubes.