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3D image/object xml Rotator

3D image/object xml Rotator

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This is a xml flash rotator to display your 3d items objects or images in a dynamic and active way. The component is extremely customizable with more than 30 xml settings:

  1. Distance to scroll (in pixels) to rotate

  2. Images Width
  3. images Height

  4. zDistance to scroll (in pixels) to zoom
  5. zoomBtnsOn: set true to display zoom buttons
  6. mouseZoom: set true to activate on drag up/down zooming
  7. zoomValue: zoom value
  8. nowZoomAt: initial item zoom
  9. maxZoom : maximum zooming
  10. zoomSpead: zooming speed in seconds

  11. autoAnim: set true to automatically rotate item on start
  12. nxtDelayTime: rotation speed

  13. mouseIconColor: mouse icon (hands) color
  14. color1 : color of zoom btns
  15. color2 : color of pause/play and desc btn
  16. hoverColor: color when hover over btn
  17. backColor: background color
  18. btnAlpha : opacity of btns

  19. descTrue: set true to add description
  20. descBackColor : descriptionbackground text
  21. descBackAlpha: description background alpha
  22. closeColor: close btn color
  23. scrollerColor scroller color (big box)
  24. scrollerSecondColor: scroller icons color
  25. scrollerthirdColor : scroller hover color
  26. scrollerAlpha: scroiller Alpha
  27. scrollerPadding:scroller padding from stage
  28. scrollerWidth: scroller width
  29. scrollerIconWidth: scroller icon width

Credits and thanks: 3D item used in this preview : 3alisha’s gun from 3do

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