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3D Media Gallery

3D Media Gallery

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Hey guys! Our 3D media gallery/website is finally up! I would definitely buy this because there are so many things you can do with it! This is totally customizable!


  • XML Driven
  • Color tags
  • Resizable
  • Advanced background manager (swf,flv,jpg)
  • Papervision3D
  • Can view pictures, swfs or videos
  • External link option
  • Fully customizable through XML


  • the front face of the thumbnails is actually one image (“mainimage”) that is split from actionscript
  • the number of rows and coloms, that the main image is split into, is set from the xml
  • the number of thumbnails can be grater than the number of content items (the flv/swf/jpg that show up when u click on a thumbnail)
  • the text on the backside of the content items is html text, however the hiperlinks dont work (papervision issue, found a fix but dont like it as i feel its messy)
  • be careful what swfs u use as a content item. some may not work, or cause errors. the ones that will work for sure are animations that dont change their dimensions. the ones that won’t work for sure are those that have “stage” references. Papervision does not put anything on the stage, it exists only in memory. so everything u see is actually just a distorted image.

    Used xml’s

  • config
  • content – use firefox to view this one. for some reason chrome (maybe other browsers too) cant read the style info
  • background

    Examples of customizing this

    Flickr Assets used in this template

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