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3D Multimedia Studio V1 - The Photo Package

3D Multimedia Studio V1 - The Photo Package

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[BUG FIXED 18 June 2008] Strange behaviour in IE and image disappearing/overlapping in some galleries. Please redownload



3D presentation has many great impressions over the flat normal display. With the development of 3D open source, many 3D Flash applications are built with the aim to bring much visual effect to end user. 3D Multimedia Studio V1 is a perfect solution to display many popular media types in real 3D. With 20 different customizations, all in one package you can now enjoy the powerful effect of new technology as well as creating a new breath to your Photo Gallery, Audio, Video or SWF Gallery.

There are 4 main packages: Photo Studio, MP3 Studio, Video Studio and SWF Studio.

The Photo Studio provides 20 customizations to display image with 3D navigation. The package includes following types:

  • Wall 3D
  • Wall 3D Long
  • Arc / Curve Inside
  • Arc / Curve Outside
  • Layer
  • Carousel Inside
  • Rectangle Carousel
  • Triangular Carousel
  • Horizontal Carousel, 2 sides
  • Veritical Carousel, 2 sides
  • Multi level Carousel Type 1
  • Multi level Carousel Type 2
  • Pyramid Carousel Type 1
  • Pyramid Carousel Type 2
  • Flow Stack Horizontal
  • Flow Stack Vertical
  • Rectangle Inside
  • Circle Stack
  • Multi Plate
  • Space board

Key Features:

  • 20 galleries
  • Open Source
  • Papervision GreateWhite 2.0 + Tweener + Actionscript 3
  • XML Driven + CSS support
  • Over 40 parameters with detail explaination
  • Window Mode
  • Full Browser Mode
  • 2 display modes: 3D Navigation and 2D Slide Show
  • Skinable Preloader / Scroll Bar
  • Well commented code
  • 30 pages Manual.pdf with Instruction of installation, parameters description and FAQ
  • Light weight

Don’t have Flash CS3 ? Download free trial at Adobe

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