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3D Object Viewer

3D Object Viewer

This is an application that comes in 2 flavours: Air (for your desktop use) and Web (for online use).

It’s a product/object viewer that uses Away3D to display a 3d object and interact with it. You can use the desktop version to test your 3d object before going into flash, without the need for any programming! The web version acts as a fast, reliable and easy to use product viewer.

Please NOTE : This application does NOT use Flash Player 11 features, so it can’t access GPU for faster rendering. It uses a software rendering engine, so DON ’T buy it if you intend to load heavy objects. It’s designed to work with LOW -POLY objects.

You can load Collada (.dae), .3ds and .obj files.

Here is a list of some features of this viewer
  • Desktop + Web versions are included!
  • Ability to load .dae + .3ds + .obj
  • Auto-scaling and auto-zooming features for easier object viewing.
  • Switch between Basic Renderer (faster) / Quadrant Renderer (better, slower).
  • Performance + polycount feedback (Air version only).
  • Web version easily configurable via XML settings.
  • Two interaction modes: fast / smooth. Smooth provides camera easings when moving the view, fast does not (which helps performance).
  • Useful tooltips showing buttons + meshes info (can be disabled in web version).

Have a look at the demo, which emulates the Air version and includes a screenshot of the Web version as well.

Hope you find this app useful!

PS: Air version is 800×600 and weights 208kb. Web version is fully resizable and weights 190kb

Updated! v1.8 – 08.15.11

v1.8 is now available to download!

The web viewer can now be forced to draw backfaces. This increases cpu usage and reduces performance, but it can help fixing a bad modeled object. If your object is showing with holes, try this new setting and it may help. Otherwise, leave this setting OFF and it will behave as previous versions.

Updated! v1.7 – 04.05.11

v1.7 is now available to download!

The web viewer can now take parameters through the Query string! You can pass 2 parameters: object to load, and xml file to use for settings. In this way, you can have 1 single instance of the viewer in your website, and load any object you want just passing a custom url.

That would launch the viewer and load “cube.3ds” instead of the one defined in “config.xml”
That would load a custom object, and use a custom config file instead of the default one.

Updated! v1.6 – 11.05.10

v1.6 is now available to download!

The web viewer is now fully resizable! You just need to specify the desired size in your html (when you embed the .swf in your page, in pixels or in percentage) and all the elements of the interface will re-arrange accordingly.

Updated! v1.5 – 09.28.10

v1.5 is now available to download!
New features have been added to the web viewer, which include:
  • Materials! Now you can assign different materials to your object (simple color, flat shading, lambert, phong, wireframe…even an outline option to simulate cartoon rendering!).
  • Lights! Altough lighting is automatic (e.g., it’s only used when we’re using a material that needs it, like phong) you can tune its parameters such as ambient intensity, brightness, etc.
  • Ability to control the vertical multiplier for camera movement (e.g, how far apart the camera goes when moving it up / down); this was a fixed amount of x2 in v1.0
  • Better handling of missing textures and / or .mtl files when loading an object