3D ParticleDisplay + Composer + 50 Presets

3D ParticleDisplay + Composer + 50 Presets  - ActiveDen Item for Sale

The ParticleDisplay component is a xml-based, fully customizable 3d simulated particle generator written in AS3 which can implement en every existing flash- or flex-application. You can use it in a single frame or with transparent background as an overlay of an image, animation or a complete flashsite, or use it in fullscreen-mode over a html-page. The component is published for Flash Player 9 to have more compatibility.

Features of the ParticleDisplay component:

  • Simple copy and paste the ParticleDisplay component in your Flash application.
  • All properties are editable with the component-inspector in flash without any coding.
  • Or you can load all properties from a external xml-file which can create with the included ParticleComposer.
  • All properties are customizable and changeable during runtime with actionscript.
  • Flex-ParticleComposer application included for simple creating and editing your own presets. (You don’t need Flex to use it but you need flash player 10 to run it)
  • 50 predefined presets are included which you can use in the ParticleComposer for your own creation.
  • You can use every small image or animated movieClip as symbol for your particle simulation.
  • You can use fullscreen or a fixed size for your ParticleComponent component.
  • Display styling properties for background color, alpha, corner radius and border.

See the full documentation: ParticleDisplay.pdf