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This file simply can be made change in! Everything belongs to an object an actionscript what you may change easily! Only this script all new MovieClip is needed to assign! With the moving of the mouse (on both sides) you can control the direction of the rotation and his velocity!

You can changes these option: hx = 300/1; //x-axis mc center position// hy = 200/1; //y-axis width rotate// r = 150; //rotate degree scale// a = 40; //z-axis//

First image has this line: function trans() { p += speed(40); range = ((p+140)Math.PI)/180;

So, All newer elements actionscripts it is necessary to change this row: range = ((p+210)Math.PI)/180;

You can see “p+140” add plus +60 and the next more +60… In this manner long! I hope this is clear!

Filesize: Only 4Kb!

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