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3D Shoot'em Up Kit

3D Shoot'em Up Kit

This is the new kind of Shoot’Em Up game with 3rd Person view instead of Top-Down. You can add new turrets or provide more Power-Ups for better Experience. Demo scene is just have one level but next level loader script is also available on scene for changing levels easily. You Have 2 weapon and health and scores based on enemies, hit particle, explosion when hit, turret has health value, etc.
And it can be more better with your fresh ideas.

Hope You Enjoy!!!


- Customize the Game Scroll Speed
- Customize the enemies health
- Easy to change Health Pickup Amount
- Customize the score for each enemy
- Customize the bullet cast by cannons
- Custom player health
- Easily change the distance you need to fly (Start and End of each level)
- Easy to customize the size of the screen (Limitation of player movement)
- Custom Score for each Enemy you Destroy
- Custom Explosion Particle and Hit Particle for each enemy
- Ability to set the sight Range for Each Enemy
- Gizmos for Radius and Sight Ranges
- Health Pickup
- Weapon Changer Pickup
- Speed Booster
- Sound FX and Music
- Customize the Sounds for each Component
- Level Loader Trigger
- Master Music and SFX Volume for GameLogic Component
- Sourcecode is well commented so you can easily change or add new features
- Demo Scene is also included.


- Movement (Arrow Keys)
- Shoot (Space)
- Speed Boost (Left Shift)