Add your own custom team logo to a 3D interactive sports ball! This pack includes a Baseball, Basketball, Dodgeball (Kickball), Softball and Cricket ball.

These 3D sports balls offer the following features:

  • Your own custom logo easily controlled through XML
  • Interactive Spin – just click and drag it or release quickly to spin it
  • Hyperlink – use it as a button to link to another URL (double click only)

Sports balls are driven by easy-to-modify XML files. Simply open the XML in your preferred text editor and change settings as desired. Following is a list of settings that can be customized by modifying the XML :

  • Ball radius (size)
  • Initial X and Y rotational position
  • Initial X and Y rotational speed
  • Visibility of custom logo
  • Custom logo image
  • URL link (on double click) and link target type

Each ball is fully-contained in its own movieclip. Just drag and drop into your Flash project and move it around the stage at will. (Try using a tweening engine to roll it or bounce it.) Pre-published SWFs are also included in the downloadable files for non-Flash users.

NOTE : Dynamic animated logos are possible, but this must be done in Flash (basic Flash skills required). Instructions are included.

FLA file in CS3 format, ActionScript 3.0 code, uses Papervision3D engine. Runs in Flash Player 9 or higher.

(Background images in preview are not included in downloadable files.)