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3D Wall Media Gallery + CMS, Youtube, Deeplinking

3D Wall Media Gallery + CMS, Youtube, Deeplinking


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3D Wall Media Gallery is the ultimate creative gallery for your pictures/ swfs/ videos/ YouTube videos. It can be used as a portfolio or just as your cool gallery for your work. In the package you get the fla source, actionscript classes and the deploy package ( 2 versions: a version CMS driven, a version XML driven). It can be embedded in HTML or used in your flash project.


NEW : It can now be embedded in your wordpress theme – example [instructions provided in the help file]

Performance test! Check out the smooth performance on a touchscreen netbook

You can see the documentation – here

By popular demand – CS3 version is now available (even if it uses the 3d of flash player 10), contact me to get it


UPDATE 1 .2 [ Available ]
  • some CMS improvements ( sort, add the end/beggining )
  • some minor bugs fixed on the wall, better viewing experience on fullscreen youtube

UPDATE 1 .1 [ Available ]
  • added cs3 source
  • fixed a bug with videos on smaller resolutions

Package Contains

  • Help files ( for installation and administration )
  • CMS version
  • XML version
  • .FLA and .AS files for developers ( these are not needed for the wall to run )


  • multi media gallery – supports .PNGs, .JPGs, .GIFs, any H.264 video (.MP4, .FLV … ), .SWFs and YouTube videos just by typing it’s ID
  • you can add descriptions to video and images – the images description will appear on roll over, and the video descriptions will appear on the roll over of the “i” button ( check the youtube video ), the normal video has no description so the “i” button is not present
  • unlimited items – add ass many videos, image, youtube videos as you wish, the gallery will do the rest
  • newest technology used (FP10) – the 3d motion will give a spicy experience to your users
  • CMS driven – a CMS is provided for very easy changes to the gallery
  • fast performance – due to the hardware acceleration of flash player 10
  • support for YouTube videos – you can also use it as a YouTube Gallery
  • resizable to any browser width – the gallery will display beautifully on any browser siz

test CMS here – here (user:admin, pass:admin)
front end – here

if you like the video used in the preview here is where you can purchase it – http://videohive.net/item/slides-ae-cs3-project/54592


The swf that I am trying to load does not display right
The problem is that the wall (like any other component ) calculates the width and height of the swf
Which means the background SHOULD exist ( for the wall to calculate the swf size). if you want the background to be transparent just make alpha = 0.
Just draw a rectangle with alpha =0 on your swf and you should be fine
I´d like to have the option to have an html link in the info/descriptions… how could I do it?
just write in the description
<a href="http://yourlink">your text</a>

I give permission 777 to the folder and contents but the CMS still does not work
Make sure your provider lets you give those kind of permissions. You can also try using FileFTP and giving permission 777 only to the PHP files, xml and the vids and pics folder.

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