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cant use in safari -


Really? Actually I don’t have a mac to test it myself, I’ll check it out tomorrow on my friends macbook. Though it’s running smoothly on safari for windows and I’m pretty sure I saw it running on some macs when I showed it to my customers. Keep sure you loaded it completely.

If you would like to help me tracking the issue feel free to contact me through the profile page. The latest version can be viewed here: http://lab.flashedge.net/3dwheel


Allright. I tested it on a bunch of macs. On my friends macbook works buttersmooth, I even went to a mall and tested it on the macs that were there and it works too. I also asked other friends online to test it for me and it works too.

I can’t do anything to fix your issue. My bet is that you might update safari or flash player.

Hi, before I buy this great template, I have one question. I want to make a 3d wheel gallery where every item – category (thumbnail) links to another 3dwheel gallery. This way the main 3d wheel would be like a gallery selector, and the linked wheels would in fact be real galleries. Is this possible?

Thank you for your answer :-)


Yes, it’s possible. Another user configured the wheel like the links example and used deeplinks to call other wheels. The only requirement is that the wheel must be registered as a menu item to be called properly.

Thanks for the kind words. :)

I am going to buy your temple for display my photography and animation work.

1. I have no experience of designing website or any sort of coding. Do you think, I can still customize and up load my website using your template?

2. can I have more or less number of images/ show reel videos/ youtube videos on 3D wheel? can I add more slates in wheel?

3. is background music included in price?


The only requirement to use the template is to be able to edit an xml file and to upload the files online. The template comes with a detailed userguide of over twenty pages as also with several examples.

You can put as many images and videos you want, though I suggest to use not more than 50 slide at once for the best experience.

The background music is not included in the download package. It can be purchased on the links written in the credits.

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hello, Since I can insert in galleries instead of the load of colors a text of “loading…” Thank you


I regret your request needs customization work. Contact me through the profile page for a quote.

Ghismo Purchased

I’ve bought your template, it’s very easy to use and the look is fantastic. Thank you, it’s a very nice work.

A question : I would like to hide the caption (title and description) when the wheel is launching with thumbnails ; i wish the caption appears only when the image is opened in full screen.

Thanks for your answer



Hi Ghismo. Thanks for the kind words. ;)

Your request needs some coding customization. Drop me a message through my profile page for a quote.

Hello, Great work… BUT …..

if i buy your work, can i receive the presentation exactly as you show above without images (or with images n°1,2,3 etc)), or jut a little slider without explanations?

Thanks for answer me.


I’m not sure if I understood you, though the download includes a standalone version of the 3D Wheel which you can embed pretty much everywhere you want.

Thank you for answering me.

I wanted to say: Are the files that we see on Activeden the same that we buy? Or are they only a demo? Best regards


All my download files are different from the showcased preview. Despite the fact I used assets which are not included in the download due licence reasons, you will find full sources as also different precompiled versions to kickstart your work. The whole template comes also with a handy userguide of over twenty pages with everything explained.

If you like the preview assets you can get them for a very cheap price on fotolia.

Ok, so I looked at hundreds of templates and yours here are by far the coolest.


It’s always nice to see happy users posting here. Thanks for the kind words and enjoy your purchase. ;)

This looks awesome!!!!! Nice Work


Thanks for the kind words! :)

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Your da man!!! If your thinking about getting the 3dWheel, think no more and buy this bad boy. flashedge responds to questions quick and has helped me modify the 3d wheel to perfection…

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Thanks buddy! Your feedback was precious. :)

Coucou Flashedge,

I would like to buy, but I want to be sure of compatibility with different browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) and MAC . Thank you in advance and congratulations for your work ^ ^


Dear Coccinelle, the template was tested on all current browsers on both PC and Mac. You can try the preview if you are still unsure.

Thanks for dropping by! ;)

cool, but fyi doesn’t work on the Mac unless you have the very latest version of Flash plugin. i was on Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45 and it wasn’t loading on either Safari or Firefox until i upgraded to 10.1


I recently changed some API keys which caused the preview to not load at all. It should work fine now. Thanks for reporting it’s much appreciated. :)

where is the class or file where i can get rid/replace “3d wheel template” logo on the left and your copyright on the bottom? I can seem to find that. BEAUTIFUL TEMPLATE !


It’s all in the setup node of the template xml file. You can safely replace the logo file inside the image folder and the copyright of the footer can be edited in the footer node.

Few questions: How do i add multiple contact forms on the contact page? Or even multiple black “about us” paragraphs? Not just one in the center…thanks in advance!! Best thing Ive ever bought@


I regret the contact form is unique and can’t be duplicated. You can duplicate the about page and build as much pages you want.

Can I put an HTML text link menu above the black animated menu in the template? How would I achieve that?


Just add a div before the flash one and put your content there inside your html page.

OOPS ^^ Answered in the User guide.

How can you move the caption to above the 3d wheel? Or anywhere? Round corners on cubes?

Do you have an email address where I can contact you directly instead of asking on here?


There is a setting called captionPosition for this, digg the userguide to find the settings available. Please contact me through my profile page, there is a form on the bottom right. Just click on my avatar and you’ll find it. The comment page isn’t suited for support.

Thanks dropping by. :)

I embedding chinese font in qubiod. But the file size is very big.

Anyone have other method to let guest type chinese in text field ?

Thanks so much.

A user from Hong Kong.


For your font issue, try these steps.

Select the text tool, navigate in properties and select the fonts with an asterisk (*) then scroll down and click on embedded characters. You’ll get a popup where you can choose your chars. Save and compile. This way you should get a lightweighter font by excluding the characters you don’t need.

Remember to change also the font family names in both the xml setup and stylesheet files.

I hope you manage it that way. Good luck.


Thanks flashedge, i try your steps before, i changed primaryfont to a chinese font. but the file size is very big. (around 8MB)

Can action script use client system font for text filed input?

I can control webpage information all in english, but i can’t control customer type chinese or other language in text filed.

So, i give up at chinese font embedding.

Now i use “html” to make a contact page. Use mailto to do a enquiry.

(sorry for my poor english)


You’re lucky. I’ve seen chinese and japanese websites were the fonts weighted about 30MB. I guess you need to deal with this issue. I hope you manage it.

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Hello there. How can I customize the contact form??


You can customize the contact form in the template xml setup node, near the end.

jo1st Purchased

Also, instead of embedding fonts like japanese which will make the swf too large, what about using the anti-alias option (use installed user fonts). how can I do that? By the way, I’m Italian, Ciao


The template has an asset loading system wich uses library fonts and shares them at runtime. This means I cannot use an handmade dynamic field and select the characters.

You might optimize your fonts with third-party tools and import them.


I made some research for you and discovered you can actually choose the characters also for the embedded fonts from the library. Follow these steps.

Select the text tool, navigate in properties and select those fonts with an asterisk (*) then scroll down and click on embedded characters. You’ll get a popup where you can choose your chars. Save and compile.

Remember to change also the font family names in both the xml setup and stylesheet files.

I hope you manage it that way. Good luck.

jo1st Purchased

What I’m talking about is to modify, add and reposition fields of the contact form. I made the size of it bigger and all the fields are on the top. also I was thinking to add another filed and also resize some of those existing.



I’m sorry the fields cannot be changed. This needs code customizations in both the actionscript classes as also the php file. You might consider to load a third-party contact form as external swf file and manage it that way if the provided one isn’t enough. The one made by 50andJACK is very flexible and could satisfy your needs.