Updated 14/11/09 – Please Re-download

  • Removes the background allowing you to place on top of anything without hassle.
  • Allows you to now import in to parent swf properly.


This Papervision 3D Business card is very simple to use, just open up the XML file in your favourite text editor like Notepad and replace the default details with your own business card information. Then, just create your imagery for both the front and back of the business card. Once youve done that you are ready to go!

I have listed this as a business card because that was my main inspiration for making it, but you could use it for anything where you wanted to flip something with two images on.


  • True 3D, built using the fantastic 3D engine, Papervision, no skewing and distortions to create an illusion like others
  • XML based, you can control the business card text data within an XML file, along with settings like size, flip speed, blur amount and the front and back images to be used
Sample from the XML:

<cardflip front="cardFront.jpg" back="cardBack.jpg" width="300" 
height="185" speed="1.5" blur="30">


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