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A Powerful Scrolling Gallery

A Powerful Scrolling Gallery


Support unlimited number of pictures

XML driven

Very low size, 13kb.

What can I modify?

You can make more images (unlimited).

You can change the pictures, thumbnail, and names.

You can resize easily the movie. only change this variable after resize:

stageWidht = 590 stageHeight = 300

You can change the pictures display dimentions.

You can change the thumbnails dimentions

You can change the thumnails dimentions when they expands (roll over)

You can change the ease for the expandiong effect and the buttons.

You can change the separation between the thumbnails

You can change the sliding speed

And finally, you can change all the colors and shapes :P

The code is full commented, and if you read the help file you will not have problems.

About Support

As I dont check every day every file’s comments you will get faster support if you send me your questions/requests by e-mail, you can contact me using the contact form at the bottom of my profile.

Also if you are contacting me about a particular file, please send it’s url and name.

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