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Accordion Tree Menu

Accordion Tree Menu

The Accordion Tree Menu is a Flash menu component that represents a tree menu structure in an accordion fashion. It allows you to implement a hierarchical menu into your website navigation system.

Main features:

  • multilevel structure (up to 3 levels) and unlimited menu items
  • menu data is loaded using XML
  • component can be completely configured through the XML file
  • separate style declaration for each of three levels of menu structure
  • alpha transparency support for all backgrounds
  • adding URLs or custom Flash functions to any menu click event (through the XML file)
  • adding sounds to click or rollover event (through the XML file)
  • FlashVars support for different XML files loading
  • ActionScript API available (methods and properties of the AccordionTreeMenu class)

You can work with the Accordion Tree Menu in one of the following ways:

  1. Using the source FLA file (editable Flash file) for further publishing (creating SWF file).
  2. Using the SWF file (fully working Flash movie). In this case, you don’t need Flash software or any programming knowledge.

Use the Accordion Tree Menu component to create any of the following:

  • Accordion menus
  • Tree structure menus
  • Combinations of accordion menu and tree structure menu
  • Vertical rollover menus

Download includes:

  • Source files (FLA, AS)
  • Flash movie (SWF)
  • Configuration file (XML)
  • 3 Flash-based examples (FLA, AS, XML, SWF)
  • The complete 27-page User guide (PDF)