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Hi Bobocel

Sorry I may not have explained myself correctly I need to change the white text which appears on the left hand side vertically. In your example the text Grand Canyon Jump or modelling arround are white can this colour be changed?

I know the text at the top when you mouse over can change have done this.

Thanks Mark

Yes, did you get the FLA ? If you want, you can get in touch by email with color and fla and I’ll change it for you.

Please I want it multilingual.. How can I add greek characters?.. Should I use the .flp file?

ok.. added greek characters via Text>Font Embedding and greek descriptions work ok.. Problem is that all vertical titles are not displaying.. greek or english.. gone.. Please Answer!!

Please use a font that supports greek chars for the vertical text as well.


I just purchased this for $17 instead of the $15 advertised price. However, not only is it more expensive than listed, it seems that there is a discrepency between the help file and the actual index.html code. It’s all in a folder called ‘Accordian v1 version 10’. Is this the correct folder?

The biggest problem I am having is the load time – it takes around 5-7 seconds when first opening the index.html page. I tried in IE and Firefox, deleted all cookies temp files ect and still load time in the beggining is always between 5-7 seconds.

Please advise regarding price and loading issue. Thank you.

Hi. I believe the price thing is related to how Envato works. So if you have an account they charge a price, otherwise they charge 2$ more. You need to look into that.

About the other issue, please send me an email with a link so I can give it a try as well. Thanks!

I’ve added this item to my public collection!!! http://audiojungle.net/collections/1918869-best-of-the-best P.S. You can “Rate” this collection…

gr8 work…

Hi I would like to know how can I add borders to the images or horizontal distance per images


I’m afraid to this file you cannot add distance between images. Otherwise there would be no accordion.

Nice work. What can I use this as ? Image Gallery ?

Yep. ;)