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Accordion v1 (xml)

Accordion v1 (xml)

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How to?


Resize the file!

Very important to read!


1. Supports unlimited images.
2. Supports html formatted description text.
3. Fully customizable – XML driven.
4. Images loaded from external folder.

Really important! Please read very carefully.

You can add unlimited number of images to the accordion, and customize it to any swf and image size.

The file has been updated and some BIG issues have been addressed. I recommend this FREE update to all that bought the file. I added the features MOST of you requested, and I cleaned the code a bit.

1. The file is contained in a single movieclip, and this way I was able to mask everything to fit nicely on the stage. This means the file can now easily be used in other Flash files as well.

2. The _root has been removed from the code, and instead I’ve change the paths accordingly. This is another improvement so that the file can be used in other Flash files too.

3. I’ve added much more functionality in the XML as well as inside the file, and you can read about it below.

The current version now includes flashvars variables, so that one doesn’t need to edit anything in Flash. Simply edit the html code.

I’ve included an example that doesn’t use flashvars as well, just in case you plan to use the file in another way. The only changes are the way those variables were passed.

There is a new help file included, which I am hoping everybody will read.

Inside index.html you’ll see this line of code:

var so = new SWFObject("Accordion.swf?keepSelected=false&selectedWindow=0&imageWidth=315&imageHeight=300&sWidth=590&sHeight=300", "sotester", "590", "300", "8", "#000000");

You can see I am sending these variables to the swf file:

    keepSelected = false   // if set to true, the selected image will always be displayed. This was a request and I thought I should add it.

    selectedWindow = 0     // you can write any number between 0 and the number of images you set. If you want to keep the selected image but start with no image, set the selected window to -1

    imageWidth = the images width. All images need to be the same width.

    imageHeight = the images height. All images SHOULD be the same height. I would suggest you to keep the images height equal to the swf height.

    sWidth = the width of the swf file. Note you also need to set it were it's sent as a parameter, in the above line of code. The value is 590 and is sent twice. You need to do the same.

    sHeight = the height of the swf file. Note you also need to set it were it’s sent as a parameter, in the above line of code. The value is 300 and is sent twice. You need to do the same. (I'm not refering the the imageHeight variable)

    slideshow = true - this will enable auto slideshow between the slides of the Accordion

The XML file holds more settings you might want to check.

The text can be html formatted.

The only variables that might not mean something from the first time you look at them are:

color="0x000000" alphaColor="0"

This is a layer that goes over the image when you move the mouse on top of the images. The color and the alpha of this layer can be set here.

Questions are welcomed.

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