Actionscript 2.0 : Swear, Bad Word - Filter / Censor / Blocker

Actionscript 2.0 : Swear, Bad Word – Filter / Censor / Blocker

With this extremely easy to use Function you can block out Bad Words or Phrases loaded from an External Text File!

A Perfect Add-on for Components such as:
  • Chat Room
  • Shout box
  • Guest Book
  • Forum
  • Contact Forms
  • many more!

Once the Function is in place, filtering text couldn’t be easier! Say you wanted to filter a text field with an instance name ‘inputText’, all you would need to write is:

inputText.text = filter(inputText.text) \\

and to Customise the Bad Word / Phrase List all you need to do is Add or Remove the Words / Phrases from an External text file!


The Function is written in ActionScript 2.0

  • Case Insensitive, therefore no matter how the Bad Word is typed it will still be blocked!
  • External Bad Word List for Easy Update and Intergrate
  • Various Example FLAs Included!
  • Comes with a large English swears list
  • Easy to use!

Other Files:

\\ \\ \\