PLEASE NOTE!! In order to view the demo correctly, you must close the FlashDen header overlay in the demo window (click on the X in the top left corner). FlashDen’s overlay causes a bug in the javascript of the page. It is not a problem with the file, it is a FlashDen bug.

This is a Flash UI for cropping images. It works very much like PhotoShop’s cropping function, as I used it as a guide when building it (things like shift + dragging constrain proportions, etc.)


  • Specify all necessary values through FlashVars (every option included in the preview is editable through FlashVars)

  • Super lightweight (only 20kb)

  • Extremely Fast (practically no wait time upon hitting “Save” )

  • Fully scalable, i.e. use it at any size you need! The cropper resizes with the window, or you can give it a set width/height as well.

  • Easily plugs into any CMS

  • Make it easy for your users to create thumbnails, resize and rotate images, etc.

  • Extremely well documented.


I spent an entire 6 hours documenting this file making sure everything was up to snuff and that users would have the easiest experience possible implementing this into their sites/CMS’es.

It does require a backend to work, PHP is very suitable for this and in my example (provided with the download) I include the script that does all of the processing for the demo, and is very easy to modify.

If you’d like to use this with some other backend, it will definitely work, all you need is a graphics/image engine to work with (so you can process the resizing, rotating, etc.)

As I am selling this on FlashDen, when purchased you get all of the source files and classes. You also have full rights to use this in any product such as custom commercial CMS’es, social networking sites, etc. (as long as you are not reselling the actual image cropper itself).

p.s. If you buy this file, it’d be really nice if you’d rate it ;)