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Actionscript 3 XML menu with submenus

Actionscript 3 XML menu with submenus

Main Features:

  • XML full driven menu and submenus
  • This is 2 level menu with unlimited menu items and unlimited submenu items
  • Very easy to use and very well designed for any coder
  • Full OOP , design very easy to change
  • AS3 file, opens with Flash CS3 ; help file and comments in the code included


  • 2 level menu with unlimited menu items and unlimited submenu items
  • You can change many properties values from xml
  • Can load swf files
  • Can navigate to url links with option “blank”, “self”, “top” etc
  • Can navigate trough frame labels inside of a movieclip
  • Colors for roll over rolll out eay to change from xml (for all buttons including submenus)
  • Colors for texts, position for menu and content loaded, alpha gradient, transitions, same easy to change from xml
  • Hole menu store a single container, most of objects are attached from library
  • All classes are well commented, I trust that any user can work with this
  • It’s ready for any project, hope I cover all areas for a menu
  • I’m online most of my time, if you have a problem/bug don’t hesitate to send me an email

XML code

< navigation posmenuX=”50” posmenuY=”116” poscontentX=”90” poscontentY=”190” colorOver=”0×02A001” colorOut=”0×000000” gradientAlpha=”.9” transType=”easeOutSine” transTime=”.4” menuFontColor=”0xFFFFFF” submenuFontColor=”0xFFFFFF” submenucolorOver=”0×017801” submenucolorOut=”0×02A001” submenuWidth=”104” submenuHeight=”33” >

< menu name=”About” href=”swf/about.swf”>

< submenu name=”Company” urlLabel=”Frame 1” />
< submenu name=”Our Members” href=”swf/members.swf” />
< /menu >