ADG3 : Simple Sound Controller

A simple music on/off controller, with animated levels.

The difference here is that the music fades in or out gradually, as opposed to cutting out immediately.

If you are detail oriented, you may agree, it’s a small difference that comes across as smoother, less harsh on the user’s ear.

Aside from the decor in the file, the controller is contained in a single movie clip, which can be dropped into any flash project.

If you wish to remove the rising dots animation, that’s easy too, just delete layer 2 in the mc called music player bar, in the library.

The file size of this controller is only 1 kb, but depending on the length of the loop you choose and the compression you set, the total size added to a movie will vary, naturally.

Included as a bonus here is one of my loops, which you can use as you see fit in any of your flash projects. Hope you like it :)

Further questions? Just get in touch : adrien @


NOTE: To change the music, just open the library, if it’s not open hit CTRL + L ( shortcut ) and find the loop called electro 300

Right click it and choose linkage. remove the m1 identifier and untick the checkboxes.

Now right click your new loop in the library, choose linkage again on it and put m1 as the identifier there and tick the export for AS boxes. leave the 2nd box unticked. That will do the trick.

Additionally, if you don’t want the music to load in the 1st frame of your movie (if you have a preloader there ), untick the export in first frame in the linkage panel. Then on the timeline create a blank keyframe on frame 2 and drag an instance of your loop there. Click edit in the sound properties panel, and drag both lines down to the bottom (to mute that instance ) This way, your preloader will be able to start earlier, as the file size on the first frame won’t include the exported music. :)