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Advanced 2 stage portfolio - XML

Advanced 2 stage portfolio - XML

Advanced 2 stage portfolio – XML

all content loaded by external xml files!

This file is a great way to present your portfolio/picture collection/artwork online!

It features categories/subcategories, plus an automatic slideshow and promotional banners. It will be your one stop solution for presenting your work on the internet.


  • This file resizes itself along with all of its contents so everything is viewed just they way it should. The stage will resize to the browser window size and everything else will position itself so the layout is exactly the same. Try resizing the browser window to see it in action! Its actualy scaling the image, not JUST resizing as most files of this type do, so your background never gets distorted!
  • This file includes a super smart scrollbar which gets bigger or smaller depending on the contents but has actual graphics & does not distort them. Most scrollbars just have a flat color for the graphic you drag.
  • Scroller can be used by both clicking and mouse wheel
  • Tested & compatible with screen resolutions of 1024×768 – 1920×1080 (FULL HD)
  • You can add as many categories/subcategories as you want. The only barrier will be the flash player, where adding a huge amount of items might slow the player down.
  • Everything is controlled by external xml files
  • The first part of this file is an automatic slideshow where there are 4 promo banners/button that can be used to go to the second part of this file where the actual categories/subcategories menu is. These banners are also customized through the xml file.
  • Published size is 57kb only
  • You can use jpg/swf/png files for the slides
  • You can use html links & formatting in the textfield
  • You can use videos/forms/whatever, no problem!
  • Very heavily commented code, there is at least one line of comments for each line of code
  • Very easy to modify, both graphically and programmaticaly, the code is simple (but efficient) in purpose, in an effort to encourage easy modification & study of how things work in AS2 (flash 8) as well as to prevent brain damage by trying to modify it!
  • library & timeline have actual names and are laid out professionaly. If you know your way around flash, you can change this file in as less as minutes.
  • Slick & modern design
  • Very extensive STEP BY STEP help file that will have you up and running within 5-10 minutes after getting the file
  • lightning fast support & email response time & requests

Thanks for viewing this file, i hope you enjoy using it as much as i did creating it!


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