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Advanced Background Manager

Advanced Background Manager



  • Multiple file types : flv, swf, jpg, png, gif.
  • Multiple backgrounds (slideshow).
  • Multiple sections (multiple slideshows).
  • Multiple resizing types : scale, stretch, fit, none.
  • Multiple positioning types : top left, top center, bottom center, absolute center, etc.
  • Effects over the content. You can create your own patterns.
  • Slideshow on/off.
  • Navigation bullets.
  • etc
  • etc
  • ...

XML Settings

General background item settings:

- type: type of the content loaded ( image, swf, video )
- path: path to the content
- resize: type of content resizing (scale, fit, strech, none)
- verticalalign : type of content vertical alignment (top, center, bottom)
- horizontalalign: type of content horizontal alignment (left, center, right)
- alpha: amount of content alpha (0 – 1)
- effectpattern: path to the pattern used over the content
- effectalpha: amount of pattern alpha (0 – 1)

Image & Video background item only:

- delay: amount of time the content is displayed (seconds)

Image & Swf background item only:

- smoothing: smooth content when scaled (0 – false, 1 – true)

Video background item only:

- buffertime: specifies how long to buffer messages before starting to display the stream (seconds)
- volume: audio volume (0 – 1)
- loops : number of times to play the video (0 – infinite loop)

Section settings:

- navi: specifies whether there are navigation bullets or not (on/off)
- autoplay: specifies whether the background items should change automatically or not (on/off)
- id: the number of the item used (the counting starts at 0)

Html with pictures tutorials, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the XML
  • Create your own patterns
  • Drag and drop this into your projects
  • Make this background interract with your menu