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Advanced Before-After Viewer [AS3.0]

Advanced Before-After Viewer [AS3.0]

Advanced XML Before/After Viewer

This viewer is designed & build to be used/edited in Flash CS3 editor with Actionscript 3.0
- The viewer is using Tweener Class for animations – a free actionscript class that can be found here : http://code.google.com/p/tweener/
- You can set his settings from flashvars or the xml file.
- Can handle multiple images in one project.
- Can be also used as simple image navigator with only one image in a project
- Can be embedded in other flash files (actionscript 3.0 + ) or can be used in html files, stand alone.

? Settings via html:
Source file – the xml path
Size settings
background color

? Settings in flash file:
All the settings that can be set in html or the xml file
Image zoom limits and other default values. – Properties commented in the .as files
The .fla file contains only the button graphics.

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