Advanced Interactive Map V1 (A.I.M) is the first complex interactive map around ActiveDen. It was designed to be a smooth, user-friendly and useful component, something that can take handling maps to a higher level. Anybody can easily configure the file, without any actionscript knowledge, it’s fully XML driven.

Custom Interactive Map

Important Features:

  • Totally resizable (from xml)
  • Theme color can be changed (from xml)
  • Supports jpg, swf, png, gif file formats
  • Lightweight (swf is 16 kb only)
  • Detailed help file and commented scripts
  • Clean and simple style
  • Ready to drag & drop to your project

Program structure:

Map surface

Navigation is avabile by mouse drag, buttons on stage and keyboard. Zooming is by mouse wheel, buttons on stage and keyboard. Easing effect added to every motion.


The whole map on a small scale, where the selected area is highlighted. Makes the navigation much easier. Can be enabled/disabled, size and visibility can be changed from xml file. It’s aligned to the top right corner.

Landmarks menu

A menu that contains all the landmarks loaded from the xml file. Space for buttons on the menu can be set from xml file. Can be hidden/shown together with the search tool.

Search tool

A simple, yet useful tool helps users to find the place they’re looking for. Can be hidden/shown together with the landmarks menu. It’s aligned to the top right corner.

Information bar

This pop-up window gives information about the landmark you select. Can be accessed from the landmarks menu or by clicking on a landmark icon on the map. Contains title, a thumbnail(80*80 px) and a description text. The image can be enlarged, the description is HTML formatted. All the informations are loaded from xml file. It’s optional, can be turned off (also trough xml).

Landmark xml structure example

I am ready to uptade the file for request. Please take the time and rate it.