Advanced Random Slideshow Gallery

This photo gallery works on PC and most important also works on Mobile / Tablet and other touch screen devices therefor your visitors will be able to see corectly the gallery and will have the posibility to navigate through this Flash gallery either they will watch your photos using a PC or using a mobile / tablet or another touch screen device. You can use this fabulous gallery in WordPress, Joomla, Facebook or any kind of HTML content. Gallery Features

100% XML driven
fluid layout: the gallery will adapt on every resolution you can think of.
color theme can be modified
you can add as many photos as necessary
advanced thumbnail module, you can add as many thumbs as you need for each gallery and they will align based on the screen resolution.
high mathematics complexity for the thumb navigation.
supports portrait or landscape images, the gallery will resize and display perfectly no matter the image size or format.
bulk preloader (fast loading photos).
thumb navigation inside the gallery, that shows the next or previous image.
keyboard support:
        - left arrow key load and display the previous image
        - right arrow key load and display the next image
        - spacebar key starts or stops the gallery slideshow.
slideshow autoplay option
the slideshow delay can be changed
animated slideshow preloader
photo description window and button, this can be disabled globally or individually for each image. Please note that the text can be formatted with html/css.
the description can be showed or hidden by default
close button for returning to the thumb section.