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Advanced XML Horizontal Accordion Menu

Advanced XML Horizontal Accordion Menu

to test the On-Click Actions this menu supports CLICK HERE

- the only differences between the preview here on flashden and the example are the movieclips that are on the stage and the xml content
the ActionScript code is the same!!!!!
– the example files are included in the download package

    - added support for 5 types of “onClick” actions
UPDATE – 08.09.2008 (please redownload)


  • 2 level menu
  • XML driven
  • Dynamic: u can have as many items as u want (both main menu and submenu) with a variable caption length
  • The main menu items can be with/without actions on click
  • When u click on a submenu item, the “accordion behavior” stops (the menu freezes and it starts rearranging only when u rollOver another main menu item)
  • =NEW= The actions (set via xml) that this menu supports are:
    – open link in the same window
    – open link in a new window
    – load external content (jpg,png,swf) into ANY movieclip thats on the stage
    – play a frame (designated by number or name) from ANY movieclip thats on the stage
  • All the menu items have no background; its just text, so u can put the menu over anything without having “color conflicts”
  • U can easelly change features (such as position, item spacing etc)

P.S. The published size is so big due to the background. Without it, I would be 60kb.



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