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Advanced XML Website - Perfect for musician

Advanced XML Website - Perfect for musician

Advanced XML Website is an Flash (AS3) fully XML driven website template that allows you to modify the whole content without even opening the source files. It’s perfect for an musician website.

It’s a very easy to manage and professional documentation is included.


  • Soundtracks music player
  • SoundWave background
  • Fully editable menu structure (one level)
  • All content driven by simple XML files
  • Seven types of content (modules):
    • HTML Formatted Text
    • News with headings
    • Multimedia Gallery divided into folders
    • Multimedia Gallery showing only one expanded folder
    • Video Player
    • Music Player with XML driven playlist
    • Contact form
  • Logotype loaded from external file defined in XML file
  • Footer text defined in external XML file
  • Deep linking

14.03.2009: UPDATE 1.1:

  • Custom backgrounds (picture, swf animation, video)
    • Background can be aligned horizontally and vertically
    • Background image can be repeated (tiled) horizontally, vertically or both ways
    • Background video can be looped or not
    • Editable background video volume
  • Logo aligment (left, center, right)
  • SoundWave background can be now turned off
  • Soundtracks music player can be now turned off

16.03.2009: UPDATE 1.2:

  • Video thumbnails (gallery)
  • Soundtracks can be looped
  • Fullscreen button (can be turned off)
  • Source files content the same as in preview

27.03.2009: UPDATE 1.3:

  • Added scrolling text with mouse wheel (also on mac)
  • Improved text scroll performance
  • New fullscreen button
  • Support for images in news headings
  • Fixed bug with multiple images in TextModule
  • Fixed bug with streaming multiple mp3 in MusicPlayer