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How do I get special characters such as âæèêíó to show up in dynamic text?

You need to embed these special characters in the text fields first. To do this, open the FLA and select the text field. In the properties panel, press the “Embed” button and you will then see a field labelled “Include these characters” – paste the special characters that you need here.

NB: When you save the XML remember to always save the XML for UTF -8 encoding. You can set the encoding type by choosing ‘save as’ and selecting UTF -8.

Note: Some fonts don’t have special characters such as pixel fonts or non-system fonts. So make sure the font you want to use has these special characters. You can check by opening the font in a character map which will display all the possible characters.

How do I add SWF backgrounds?

Create a new FLA , make it’s dimensions 1024×768 (or size you prefer). On layer 1, make a vector square that is 1024×768 and make it 0% alpha. On layer 2 place your movieclip with the animation that you want played in the background. On layer 3, make another square that is 1024×768 and make it a mask layer, so that it masks the movieclip animation on layer 2. Now export the SWF to your background folder for the Advanced Template. Edit content.xml in the backgrounds folder and add the path to the SWF background. Now open index.fla > go to Library > edit moveiclip “backgrounds_mc” > in Actions layer, in imageLoaded function, remove the line below:

duplicateImage(holder, holder);

Why does the PHP contact form not send mails?

This might be because your server does not support PHP scripts or it has not been enabled or configured correctly. To check if your server supports PHP scripts, upload “phpInfo.php” which is in the contact folder in the supplied files to your server. If PHP is enabled and working correctly you should see your server’s PHP information when you access “phpInfo.php” on your server. If you get an error you’ll need to contact your hosting provider to enable PHP before your flash PHP contact form will work.

How do I change the colour and hover effect the hyper link in the dynamic content window text?

The StyleSheet is built into the ActionScript > open content.fla > edit movieclip “content_mc” > in the Actions layer, see code under header CASCADING STYLE SHEET. Here you will see hex colour values for the hyperlink and roll-over colour, you can change the colour here.

How do I make the music off by default?

In index.fla Actions, line 89, change:

_global.volumeAmount = 100;


_global.volumeAmount = 0;

How do I edit “Advanced” and “XML Website” text on home page animation?

To replace “Advanced ” text for the home page.. open home.fla > edit movieclip symbol “Symbol 8” replace current text with your own text. To replace “XML Website” text edit graphic symbol “Symbol 6” on second last layer you will see a keyframe on frame 30, replace this keyframe with your own text.

How do I change the colour of the text for the main and sub menu navigation?

Open index.fla, go to Library and edit movieclip symbol “menuBttn1” On layer “txt” is the text field for the main menu and sub menu text. Change the colour of each text field by selecting it and changing the colour swatch in the text properties panel.

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