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AEOS XML Deeplinking Showcase Template

AEOS XML Deeplinking Showcase Template

There is a known bug with the header bar of the preview, please close it if deeplinking is not working properly.

AEOS – it’s our cleanest, smartest, most beautiful, and elegant website template! Following the latest Web 2.0 requirements, it’s packed full of features:
Deeplinking capabilities with SWFAddress
Cross-browser and cross-platform text scrolling capabilities via mousewheel
Runtime fonts loading
Liquid positioning of elements on stage
Smart resizing algorithm for the background images (yes, image smoothing is also enabled)
XML files for each website section
Special chars in CDATA tags availability
Unique global color theme via only one XML setting, just to name a few.

I won’t get into details about other cool features of AEOS , such as
the modular structure of the template
the very small filesize of the main sections
the auto-sizing, custom-positioning website menu
the smart Fullscreen On/Off Switch component with optional right-click menu entries (which you might consider purchasing separately HERE )
the smart, class-driven scrollbars
the background overlay pattern module
the customizable right-click menu entry and link
or the expandable music player module.
Instead, I’ll let you discover them one by one :)

I won’t waste too much of your time with a long description of AEOS ’s sections, since the template really speaks for itself. Give it a whirl and press the “Purchase” button if you like what you see :)

Anyway, below there’s a …

... brief description of AEOS ’s each section:

HOME Section – simple landing page with title and text, scrollbar-enabled – completely customizable via XML ; special chars can be used in XML CDATA tags
ABOUT Section – similar to the HOME Section, plus 3 mouse-panning photos – ideal for a brief description of you and/or your business
PORTFOLIO Section – 3-projects-at-once-showcase section, allows you to display your portfolio in images and text
GALLERY Section – simple and elegant image gallery with sliding thumbnails and panning image capabilities; image description on mouse over capabilities
CONTACT Section – 5-field contact info panel plus a smart, customizable mailform panel, with validation of filled-in data (HINT: try entering a non-standard email address in the second form field, such as 1@2.3, or a/b@domain.com)

Feel free to let me know your opinions, ask away any question you might have regarding my template, as I’ll be glad to answer them. When you buy the template, please do me a small favor and don’t forget to rate it. Thanks!