Here you can check your radio Server with Javascript PHP Demo Player before any Purchasing.

This is a Fully Dynamic Compact Radio Player with special design and functionality. The player feeds itself with a XML file and grabs the Song Title from shout cast radio server Live and shows it on Radio Panel with Ticker effect. PHP server required.

What’s new in this Player?
• A Fully Compact Design
• New design of Sound Effect & Audio Spectrum
• Fully XML Dynamic Labels
• XML Dynamic Colour for Player Elements
• Modified Song History List
• Dynamic Radio Station Name
• Refreshing the Player automatic if USED MEMORY becomes bigger then 70MB
• Download source includes five separate folder as:
- Original, Includes the Player with main Concept behaviour
- autoPanelOpen, Player will open Panel Automatic
- autoallOpen, Player will open Panel and SongHistory Automatic
- withoutAutoStart, Player without AutoStart
- LoadSample, this shows how load the Player into a new Flash Template
online Help

Good to know before your Purchase
• Player needs a server with PHP support
• Player doesn’t support Shoutcast V2.0
• Player support only MPEG Streams, no AAC/AAC+ support