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Aero Gallery

Aereo Gallery is a customizable, multi-category, 3D image gallery that utilizes a PHP /MySQL-based CMS as the backend. Running the CMS is not required, you can still use a static XML file for managing the gallery.

Demo GalleryCMS:


  • Uses GalleryCMS as the backend.
  • You can still use a static XML file if you do not intend on using a CMS
  • Supports multiple categories
  • Special character support for many languages
  • Can load the swf in your own application
  • Can use Flashvars for the data path
  • Contains a skin file separate from the application
  • Well-commented classes
  • Installation and how-to guides
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Papervision3D
  • PureMVC architetture
  • Keyboard input support ( up, down, left, right arrows for navigating. Space bar toggles the large images. )
  • Easy installation process for GalleryCMS

Uses GalleryCMS as the backend. You must have a web server with PHP 5 and a MySQL database. Other database types are supported, but have not been tested.