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Alignable Triangles Photo Menu

Alignable Triangles Photo Menu

This is a nice menu with flying triangles animation, which can show photos with each page you select.

Action script and XML file are well-commented.
Please check comments in the XML file for how to use help.


These settings can be controlled in this XML file…
1. alphaspeed – speed for alpha animations – greater the speed, slower the animation
2. imagecolorstrength – strength for image color effect
3. itembackcolor – background color of an item
4. itembordercolor – border color of an item
5. itemtextcolor – item’s text color
6. itemtextbackcolor – item background color for textbox
7. itemtextsize – item text size
8. itemwidth – item width
9. itemheight – item height 10. itemgap – gap between the items
11. itemtextbottommargin – bottom margin for the text on the item
12. itemloadercolor – preloader color on the item
13. trianglewidth – width of the triangle
14. triangleheight – height of the triangle
15. trianglecolor – trinagle color
16. trianglealpha – transparency for the triangle
17. trianglerandomrotation – triangle random rotation
18. trianglerotationspeed – triangle rotation speed – greater the speed, slower the animation
19. vertical – whether to show the menu vertically or not
20. verticalalign – vertical alignment of the menu – left, center and right
21. horizontalalign – horizontal alignment of the menu – left, center and right
22. leftmargin – left margin
23. rightmargin – right margin
24. topmargin – top margin
25. bottommargin – bottom margin


A button node can be added in the XML file to show each button.
Each button node can have the following attributes…
1. text – text to show on the button
2. image – image to show on left for the button
3. link – link to open when the button is clicked
4. target – target frame or window in which the link should open


An example version is attached with the file which loads SWFs that you assign via XML … please check.

  • Images in the preview are purchased from www.fotolia.com and they are not included in the file you purchase.