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Aligned Menu V1

Aligned Menu V1

An highly flexible and customizable menu which can be aligned to the left, top, right or bottom.


The version allows scrolling only on left and right edges with automatic arrows. Supports only for top and bottom alignment.

So, 2 new settings added in the XML file.
1. scrollspeed – speed in percentage for scrolling when the mouse moves over the edges.
2. scrollarea – area to be used for scrolling at the edges.



1. Can have a lot of ways of presenting as the menu is very much flexible.
2. Feed as many items via xml as you want.
3. Align the menu at any place… left, right, top or bottom.
4. The menu sets itself automatically as soon as the stage resizes.
5. Width and height of the items can be changed.
6. Text can be showed when mouse moves over an item.
7. Automatic scrolling appears on the image thumbnails with the mouse movement.
8. Automatic scrolling appears on the menu as soon items become more.
9. SWFs can also be loaded on the thumbnails instead of just images.
10. These settings can be controlled via xml…
        a. Width of the items
        b. Height of the items
        c. Speed of animation
        d. Initial gap to leave before placing the first item
        e. Gap to leave as borders
        f. Gap to leave as border around the image icon
        g. Gap between the items
        h. Maximum size of the text… that is showed on mouse over
        i. Size of the pre-loaders
        j. Amount of alpha for the background
        k. Whether to show border around the items or not

Action script and XML file are well-commented.




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