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Amazing ToolTip

Amazing ToolTip

Amazing ToolTip

This tooltip engine is complete and really easy to use.

-how to create toolTip

ToolTip.AddToolTip(yourMcName,”Your Text”,YourOptions);


var myToolTip:ToolTip = new ToolTip(“Your Text”,YourOptions); myToolTip.show(MovieClipToShowOver); myToolTip.hide();

That’s it.

Version 1.1

  • Possiblity to show the toolTip over another movieclip on any Event given. (Show the ToolTip over another Movieclip/Sprite).
  • Minor bug fixed.(borderWidth now working correctly)
  • Border alpha supported.
  • stayOnMouseOver option added. (Keep the tooltip when the mouse is over it)
  • removeDelay option added. (when mouseOut,a delay to remove the toolTip)


  • Can set position to all corner , even left or right positioning.
  • Background color can be changed.
  • Alpha of the toolTip can be changed.
  • Rounded corners can be set and the force of it.
  • Support HTML Text
  • AutoFit mode make the toolTip change direction when getting out of stage.
  • Glossy highlight and gradient effect!! the force of the effect can be changed (or removed)
  • Follow mouse and hide mouse cursor options
  • text color and align options.
  • border color and width options.
  • A maximum width can be set. When set, word wrap cut the text to next line.
  • Text margin options.
  • Tip can be hidden (check button 3 and 4)
  • Complete help file with all the options available.
  • Preview file included.
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