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Amazing XML Banner rotator / Image viewer with thumbs

Amazing XML Banner rotator / Image viewer with thumbs

Amazing XML Banner rotator / Image viewer with thumbs

UPDATE v1.4 september 20, 2009

  • Fixed a bug when you had KeepOriginalSize set to true, swf wasn’t working.
  • Fixed a bug with menuPosition to top and click wasn’t working.
  • Now if no thumb is specified, the thumb windows don’t appear.

UPDATE v1.3 May 22, 2009

  • Hand cursor appear over image that got a link
  • A tint is applied over image that got a link
  • You can now easily change the color of the Bar under the button by xml
  • Can now use dynamic xml path with flashvars
  • Multiple bug fixed

UPDATE v1.2 May 10, 2009

  • Added the possiblity to hide the waiting line. (<ShowWaitLine> tag in xml)
  • Added a Slide option for each image with a direction!!!.( <Slide> tag in xml , option are left,right,top,bottom )
  • Auto slide option that will automatically detect good orientation and slide accordingly.
  • Added a randomize option in the XML so all item can play randomly ( <Randomize> tag in xml )
  • Button ca now be hidden ( <showButton> tag in xml)
  • Added a NoFlip option on the button !! ( <ButtonNoFlip> tag in xml, look into example under customization button )
  • MenuPosition CAN NOW BE TOP AND BOTTOM!!! ( Look into example under customization button )
  • Smart preloading !!! Now next item will be preloaded while you wait.
  • Now the image is blurred behind the text, so it make the text easier to read

This banner / image rotator is so customizable that your imagination is the only limit!!!

  • XML driven
  • All button color can be edited via XML
  • 14 amazing transition to choose from. You can randomize them all or choose a specific transition for each categories.
  • Menu position to left or right.
  • Load jpg, png gif or swf
  • Unlimited Button / Category
  • Thumbs !!!!!!
  • Auto resize Picture AND swf.
  • All element in banner rotator auto resize to the size given.
  • You can add HTML text, COLOR and hyper link, all XML driven
  • Adjustable delay time between every transition
  • Add time when button is clicked.
  • Can be loaded in another SWF
  • Animation can auto play or wait for user input
  • Animation can random transition or not
  • Superb 3d Button animation
  • You can modify almost any aspect of the button via XML
  • Support multiline button
  • Support HTML in button

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