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Angle Defined Carousel Gallery

Angle Defined Carousel Gallery


Angle Defined Carousel Gallery is a special carousel that allows you define angles (angles in an ellipsoid), alphas and scales to form unique carousel. Usually in a carousel type of galleries you define the ellipse shape and the component distribute the items with constant angle difference, that limits your appearance of carousel. With Angle Defined Carousel Gallery, you create your own carousel allowing you to visually form the carousel as you like. The component use xml file and you can define galleries with different angle settings, or even change the carousel on the fly. There are many possibilities in settings and you can preview the files by clicking space bar, or clicking directly the most front carousel item.


  • AS3 Object Oriented Programming,
  • Use ready component, or use Class in your custom project.
  • Re sizable
  • Keyboard, click
  • Handles jpeg, png images as thumbnails
  • Handles images huge images, flash swf files or links in the preview (after clicking the most front item)
  • XML driven
  • Tweener driven
  • Easy customizable XML file
  • Many variations
  • Define: angles, alphas, scales
  • Tool tip, blur optional
  • Multiple galleries with multiple carousel settings
  • Change configurations on the fly


Carousel use Navigation panel, keyboard arrows or you can click the carousel item to navigate to front. Use up/down key arrows to load next gallery items, or left/right to move carousel. To open the item file, just click space bar,to close click again, or just click anywhere in the stage.


You can customize through the xml file, the unlimited number of galleries and images. Every gallery has own carousel settings and you can define any number of angles, scales and alphas for the carousel. Define radius, if tool tip is showed or blur, the max blur property and the reflection alpha. The preview file has 7 modes of carousel as a inspiration…