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Animike is very happy to announce the release of AS2 CARD FLIP – NO PV3D V2! (Version 1). With many more features and variables for easy customization:

MULTIPLE IMAGES – Add as many images as you’d like to create a very unique gallery. They just all need to be the same size.

ADD MORE CONTROL – Dynamically create a menu that allows you to navigate to any image in the gallery. Center it under the gallery you create and its look is easily editable from within the flash file.

CREATE ON THE FLY – Add all your images externally, to create a scalable gallery.

USE IMAGES IN YOUR FLA – Have a fixed amount of images you want to load? You can also add images by their “linkageID” from your Flash library.

XML CUSTOMIZATION – Define which images you will use and the order they appear. Add title, descriptions and even targeted URLS…all from an easy to use XML file.

JUST AS EASY AS V.1 – Instantiating the flip and menu is as easy a writing two lines of code. with all the settings you want to use in your menu and card flip.

BLUR, SHADOW, AXIS & MORE – Set these variables (and more) by editing the variables in the code.

Other features include: * – slide show option – jump directly to the pressed card (see option B above) – dynamic position on the stage – option to show rollover information or now – variable to control the spacing of your menu – change the ease of your flip

This is a unique banner rotator, complete with dynamic menu.

Full explanation of all the variables and options in the code and READ_ME file. This file uses CA EUROPA and some Helvetica Fonts.

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